The expert plumbers at Billy's Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. in West Hills are here to help maintain your sewer and laundry lines through preventative cleaning, inspection and upkeep. However, even with regular upkeep, there is always the chance that a sewer line may begin leaking when you least expect it.

Causes of sewer line leaks or laundry line leaks in the Los Angeles County - Ventura County areas include: Signs that you may have a sewer line leak in the San Fernando Valley area include: If you notice any of these signs of a sewer line leak, contact the expert sewer line repair specialists at Billy's Plumbing & Rooter in West Hills.

We provide fast appointments, affordable pricing, and professional maintenance and repairs throughout the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County area.

We also offer 24 Hour Emergency Response Plumbing Services. Our fully licensed and insured sewer and laundry line repair specialist can be reached at 818.231.4848.